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The Dark Web is running wild with YOUR stolen private information.

Stealing your identity is the method cyber criminals use to profit. This is organized criminal activity.

Cyber criminals are actively seeking your private information to create identities for sale on the Dark Web. With these ID's, bad guys can create credit, healthcare, bank and other accounts in your name. This is a fraudulent activity and illegal but it happens every second of every day.

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It's impossible to stop this activity unless you know what is out there. Account Take Over (ATO) is a very common method of gaining access to your online accounts. This usually occurs because most internet users reuse passwords and username logons for multiple sites. One a single website service is compromised (Hacked), and the thieves make off with that information - game on!

All you need to do is signup below for a free business (we don't do consumer scans) dark web search. We will search the Dark Web for your email address to determine if there have been compromises listed with your information and provide you with a report. Typically these scans are completed same day, but can take up to two business days.

CIA* - Confidentiality - Integrity - Availability
These tenants are known as CIA* triad of cyber security
*not to be confused with the Central Intelligence Agency

Confidentiality of information is protecting the information from being exposed to an unauthorized person(s) due to a data breach, insider threat or inadvertent exposure.

Integrity is ensuring the data is trustworthy, accurate, complete and unaltered.
Implementing security controls to ensure integrity and prevent data from being modified by an unauthorized party.

Availability is information is accessible to authorized users when it is needed. For example, when you visit your doctor or dentist, your records are available on demand.